Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts opens new exhibitions

January 8 – April 24, 2011


The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts is proud to present two important works by British artist Richard Long from the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. These large stone circles, Ring of Flint and East West Circle, were created along with many other of Long’s works as a reflection on the act of walking in different locations around the world.  The materials—in this case, two types of stone—are indigenous to the locations of the walks, England and Japan. The circles take on many layers of meaning, the significance of the stone and its connection to prehistoric peoples, the archetypal form of the circle, and a reflection on the artist’s experiences in nature. The Contemporary Arts Museum introduced Long to Houston audiences in 1996 and the MFAH purchased these two major works following the exhibition. Alison de Lima Greene, Curator of Contemporary Art at the MFAH said about Long’s circles, “Installed at the Pearl would be a terrific opportunity to introduce the general public to new ways of thinking about art and the power of the simplest and most elemental materials.”

For more information about the Pearl’s new exhibitions in the Rebecca Cole Gallery and Community Gallery, visit their website at  The museum is closed until the new exhibitions open on January 8.

6815 Cypresswood
Spring, TX 77379
(281) 376-6322


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