HFAC presents The Money In Uncle George’s Suitcase

Performances May 27, 28, June 3, 4, 10-12, 17-19, 2011; Fridays/Saturdays at 8:00 pm & Sundays at 3:00 pm

Take one old geezer who likes to talk and talk…and talk!  Put him in a run-down ramshackle cabin in the woods…  add his two citified sisters and their families… throw in a will and a missing suitcase full of LOTS of money… and you have the formula for a weekend full of deception, arguments, and non-stop laughs!  Written by Houston playwright Pat Cook, this hilarious comedy starts with a frantic process of searching for the money and ends up rekindling old memories and a yearning for old fashioned values that used to be important to the family.  Directed by Tracy Clayton.  “George’s gift is much more important than mere money, even though the relatives don’t see it that way – at first…”

Recommended for ages 8 through adult.  Children under 3 are not permitted at Main Stage productions.  The Playwright, Pat Cook, will host a free talk on June 12 after the show. 

Starring Richard Hahn as Uncle George

Olivia Clayton as Chelsea Bryant: May 27, June 11, 17, 18
Veronica McLaren as Chelsea Bryant: May 28, June 3, 12
Alyssa Mills as Chelsea Bryant: June 4, 10, 19

TICKETS: $12/$14/$16


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